Why animation?

Animations can be used to quickly get a point across, explain your intricate new service, or get new customers familiarized with your company. In just a few minutes of animation, and with the full attention of your customer you can pack a lot of information while keeping it fun, easy to understand and memorable.

You can check my portfolio for various animation work I've done in the past!

Animations are easy to share on your website, social media, during a stream and on television. Would you rather explain your idea or service for the hundredth time, or simply send a video link?

My unique approach

Creating animation the traditional way is time consuming, adding a single character can extend the project by weeks. In collaboration with software company Kenney we've developed smart tools and an efficient workflow to make sure a little effort goes a long way towards bringing your ideas to life.

No endless meetings, no big studios, and direct personal contact. When you hire me for your next animation project you can be sure of personal service and experience in the field (previously done work for Universal Studios, municipalities, universities and gamedevelopment companies).

Contact for estimate or any questions!

Feel free to contact me for an obligation-free estimate, or if you have any questions.


Idea to animation

During each step, from idea to final animation, you'll be in full control. My goal is to make sure the animation ends up to be completely like what you've had in mind.

Your ideas: If you decide to have an animation made I'll first listen to all the ideas you have. You probably already have a general concept on what you'd like to have animated, but I'd also be interested to hear in what styles you like or what music you prefer.

Drafts: After the first concept and sketches are completed it's time to start animating. During the progress you'll receive drafts regularly which allows you to give feedback, to make sure I'm still doing everything the way you like it.

Completion: When all that is done the animation is completed, it'll be delivered in a file format (and size) that's appropriate for your use. No worries if you don't know what you need exactly, I've got experience with all social media platforms.

Lets get started!