Medieval Hexagon

RPG Top-Down

The Medieval Hexagon Pack is a bundle of game assets that contains over 200 stylised medieval hexagonal tiles, buildings, and props! Perfect for making RTS games, cozy village builders, or whatever hexagonal adventure you can think of.

Download the pack here


  • Hexagonal tiles for roads, rivers, oceans/lakes, and coasts.
  • A ton of buildings, including a blacksmith, lumbermill, church, tavern, market, windmill, watermill, a mine, a well, regular houses, barracks, an archery range + more. All come in 4 different colors (blue/red/green/yellow) for versus gameplay
  • Nature props like trees, rocks, hills, mountains and clouds!
  • A bunch of units (in the extra version)
  • User-guide with tips and tricks!


  • 200+ Low poly optimized models, suitable for all ranges of games, including mobile.
  • Textured using a single gradient atlas texture (1024x1024) that can be downsampled to 128x128 for further optimization
  • Free for personal and commercial use, no attribution required. (CC0 Licensed)
  • Included files are .FBX, .**GLTF, and .OBJ. The files are compatible with pretty much any 3D game engine on the market (including Unity, Godot, Unreal Engine, Roblox**, and more).